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Obama unveils new "Obama Bucks" Food stamp program

*****10-20-08 Update to this story*****
In May I drew this cartoon and posted a satirical article regarding a fake Obama food stamp plan. This article was complete satire and I wanted to let anyone reading this know that this was not a slight on Obama at all. It was a satirical look at some of the Fox News watching right-wingers out there that are afraid of a government that sponsors welfare type programs.
It was intended to poke fun at the unrealistic fears and agenda of racism that a fringe element of Republicans strongly embrace.
Evidently, people that did not take the satirical nature of the article in to account and not exploring other posts on this site forwarded my "Obama Bucks" food stamp image to their racist right wing counterparts.
So now this is a major news story.
Some dumb ass from the right wing group Chaffey Community Republican Women led by a housewife named Diane Fedele, thought it would be a good image to include in their Republican newsletter.
What a complete moron.
Ms. Fedele has stated that she didn't notice the watermelon, ribs, and KFC chicken images in the picture and just thought it looked like food.
This image was created to take to task a minority of Republicans that are racist and paranoid about someone with a different skin color. I was making fun of Republicans, not at all trying to be racist towards Barack Obama.
I appreciate all of the attention, but the people targeted in this news piece are the people I am fighting for! The minorities. The welfare recipients, and the pissed off black chick with hazel colored eyes. This "cartoon" (as described in the media), was meant to empower African Americans to stand up for and defend themselves against racial intolerance. This "cartoon" was prescribed to showcase the racial hatred and intolerance towards the "left" and it's liberal "welfare" economic plan.
Guess what? The radical right picked up this fumble and ran with it right into the opponents goal line.
The fact that a website like this exists is not evidence of racial hatred or divide, but the fact that an image taken from this website was used in a legitimate publication to promote the Conservative agenda must be proof of either existing racism or utter stupidity.
The original article and illustration from May 26th is included unedited below.
*****10-20-08 End of Update*****

In another move to appeal to the large African-American voter base, presidential candidate Barack Obama released his new "Obama bucks" food stamp program, it was reported Monday.
"Barack cares about his constituents", Obama's campaign manager David Plouffe stated in an interview Monday.
"Not only will this move expand the much needed food stamp program that ensures sustenance for millions of (black) children and needy adults, but it will also remind (the black) constituents of what they are at the store to buy. We see it as a win-win situation for the (black) community. It is like cash with a shopping list printed on it."
"Red Kool-Aid, fried chicken, watermelon, and even pork ribs are displayed on the document as a reminder", Plouffe continued, "The food stamp amount correlates to the cost of the item. For example, the $10 food stamp has things like ribs and chicken, while the $5 food stamp relevantly displays Collard Greens, and grape soda."


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Smoke TNT on :

That is racist as hell... which is probably why it's so damn funny.

nano on :

selena on :

this is hilarious.. idc who you are its funny

selena on :

to elizabeth... you assume a white person made this up? what makes you think that.. every race makes fun of every race. a black person probably make this.

VampireBella_1 on :

For the back of it instead of the white house you should put an apartment projects.XD This so funny.

Bob G (removed by TK Admin) on :

I came to your blog as I was looking for a copy of the Obama buck to put in a powerpoint. As a social studies teacher of 25 years, I'm appalled at your treatment of this subject. I guess I'm one of those weepy-eyed liberals who think respect for others is important (what AM I thinking?), but I think your disrespectfulness speaks volumes of your belief system, as well as your ignorance, and I'm hoping and praying that your time is soon coming to an end.

Good luck to you.

TK (Admin) on :

Thanks for your comment,
Since I am also a weepy-eyed liberal I would like you to know, that if you read the context in which this site was created, and the Original May post of the Obama bucks "Cartoon" i created, you could clearly see that this was originally created during the Primary "Social Services" debates and was intended to pray on what Republicans fear the most.... A black president in charge of the social services in this country. It was making fun of a small fringe of the right wing, and not at an African American running for president or racial stereotypes of foods. The fact that the satirical nature of the posts on my web site were taken out of context and used by "what I can only assume" was a woman who was racist or just plain stupid, should not encourage you to wish for my early demise.
I agree, that without further investigation into the type of satire I enjoy, many of my posts appear not only far from Politically correct, but down right racist, sexist, and crude.
I am going to the polls and voting for Obama. I am a democrat. I have two black brothers who "get it".
Did you look at the nature of my website before wishing death upon me? I think you'll see it's very liberal-friendly and although you may not share the same sense of humor that my readers and I do, it was not created for to promote racism or sexism, it was created to expose the underbelly of our society that is not only truly racist or biggoted, but maintain a religous like ferver for anyone who is not like them.
The fact that the Obama Bucks image was so disturbing to most is a great sign. Maybe we are getting somewhere with this society.

Bill Chapman on :

WOW a teacher even, at first I wondered what lesson you were going to teach with that image since you have missed the entire point of the article.
My thoughts now move more toward the fact that you have been molding young minds for 25 years and and seem a bit proud to be praying for the death of another human being. This strikes me to be at the least very interesting.
Oh by the way I don't think God grants wishes that involve the death of another of his children. I just spoke with God and boy is he upset with you Bob!

Archangel on :

Fuck anal retentive Bob! Your points are well noted TK. Bob appears to be so...anally charged he doesn't even take the time to notice your left column topics which clearly inform the nature of your intent. Over the top entertainment. Thank you.
Say... Bob, you seem to harbor some sort of hyper-liberal anal complex, are you trying to tell 'us' that you're an anal busting bi-polar fag or what. Do you specialize in molesting children as well while you hide behind (pun...or bun intended) your do gooder than thou liberal holyness (not that kind of hole...Bob).
One detail about you... Bob; you appear to be an extremely dangerous individual, possibly a serial murderer and your weapon of choice is "hoping and praying" your victims to death. I think you should be reported to the authorities...Bob. I tend to wonder how many unsolved murders caused by "hoping and praying" they're needing to solve.
One item you did get right...Bob; what were you thinking? Probably something along the line of what a hypocrite asswipe you are would portend a clue. Lighten the crap up dope!

TK (Admin) on :

I just wanted to let everyone know that the Bob above who made the comment replied to me personally after I explained myself. His response received early this morning is apologetic and sincere. I have attached it to this post with his personal information stripped out.

-----Forwarded Message-----

Oh MY! I owe you a huge apology. No sarcasm here. I owe you a huge apology. I only glanced at your website and the few comments and drew my conclusion based on about a fifteen-second perusal.
I just practiced everything I teach against: jumping to conclusions without careful analysis. In fact, I may use my own hasty conclusion last night as an example for my students.
I guess I'd fall into the category of those on the right who think Colbert is one of them :-) (BTW, my daughter is editor at Domino magazine and she is good friends with a Colbert writer - they're the sharpest thing on tv right now).
So... I'm embarrassed, but in that good way of being called out on something stupid. You know, the way Sarah Palin SHOULD be embarrassed.
You have my full permission to pull my stupid-ass comment off your blog.
And small thing. After re-reading I can see how this sounded, but I wasn't wishing for your DEATH; I was commenting that hopefully on Nov. 4 the days of this incredibly destructive regime and double-think will be over (at least for the present).

THANK YOU for taking your time to respond so thoroughly.

Social Studies Department

-----End Forwarded Message-----

Faith on :

Despite your intention at 'helping' or in using satire you are wrong. The fact that you were so easily able to tap into the mindset of a racist (since you don't consider yourself one) should bring you to ponder your prejudices. There was a poster on kos who did one such image with Michelle Obama in a red dress being brandished by hot irons with the Klan lurking around as an 'explanation' of the Republican use of the Southern Strategy.

In evaluating your actions you must first ask if what you do can be easily misconstrued and two whether it causes harm. Well you see how someone was able to snap it right up. That women refuses to acknowledge her fear and prejudice and so do you when you dismiss critique of your actions.

No Black person would ever do something this vile unless they were displaying their own internalized racism and would be immediately identified by other Blacks as an Uncle Tom, House Slave or worse a Slave Catcher. I will leave you to do the research.

I will suggest you read up on Tim Wise who does a great job of explaining racism to white people. If you are a person of color I pity you. At best your attempt only exemplifies the need to understand white male supremacy and systematic racism. Despite what you think you have NOT distanced yourself from it. You embrace it. You'd like to think of yourself as a good person above it all, but you are right in the muck of it, much like those 'good' white people who fought for Civil Rights until it came time to have a Black neighbor or their kid wanted to date a non-white person and they found (to their surprise) how much they didn't like it.

I hope you take this to heart and examine yours.

MigueTK on :

see what happens when u jump 2 conclusions? i guess u have 2 read the post b4 making up a conclusion

TK (Admin) on :

Thank you for your comments.
Some people will never appreciate satire, and that's ok. There are websites like that people like you and my mother can get Fall decorating tips and recipe ideas. I understand it is not for everyone.
You have made so many conclusions and inferred so many things about who I am and what my motives are. I think it is people like you that will only allow the race conversation to go so far. I think you are a bigger threat to racial harmony than someone like me pointing out the flaws in it.
If we were able to laugh at ourselves more and stop taking everything so seriously, maybe we could start to actually fix some of these problems?
Faith, if you get pulled over for speeding, it's probably not because you're black.
If you get passed up for a promotion at work, it is probably not because your coworker is white.
And by the way, the well known Tim Wise has some very strange and dangerous ideas about race which you seem to parrot. He may be white, and he may be a racial activist, but there is a large segment of this society that thinks Tim Wise is ...well... Not so wise. Readers do your own research.

Payton on :


Today in my english class, my professor gave our class this picture, and i tell, i have never been so angry and shocked in my life that a picture like this is floating out there. This picture has bothered me all day, so when i got back to my room tonight, i figured i would do my research and find out if it is as offensive as it seemed the first time i saw it. I have read over your article covering the image and the comments of peoples reactions, and at the end of the day, i can honestly tell you, i am still offended.
It's not about what you meant by it, but the reactions and feelings that people will get when they see it. I know for a fact that the majority of African Americans that see this, are like myself, still going to be offended- satire or not.

So, for the record, this is one piece of satire that is not at all funny to me. and i assure you that i am still just as much offended as i was when i saw it.

Oy on :

The promoting of Political Correctness, even the LEFT gets confused with their own ideology! TOO FUNNY!

Oy on :

The pushing of Political Correctness has even the LEFT confused with their own ideology! TOO FUNNY!

fidel martinez on :

1. the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.
2. a literary composition, in verse or prose, in which human folly and vice are held up to scorn, derision, or ridicule.
3. a literary genre comprising such compositions.

After both reading the Press Enterprise article "Blogger claims creating 'Obama Bucks,' says cartoon was meant as satire, not racism", and understanding the meaning of satire, which I included to help educate those of us that is unclear of the subject, I understand your intention of the cartoon. Racism is an inflammatory topic, and needs to be handled with care. Unfortunately, the image is a hateful/hurtful image by itself. It was used in a demeaning manner where satire was the furthest from the user's (Chaffey Community Republican Women) mind. Hopefully in the future such attempts at satire can be more constructive to provoke meaningful thought and conversation on this social issue.

pilgrimOmega on :

That's right folks, run and hide from the evil nasty picture.

The picture lives under your bed like the clown doll in Poltergeist, and it's just waiting for a chance to choke you out in your sleep. And rape your blonde little sister in the next bed.

TK: Keep rockin this stuff. If people can't deal, they need to look at their own damaged minds. This picture flushed a bird out of the bush in the name of Ms. Fedele.


TK is showing you where the land mines are. Don't fault the guy for that.

Liz on :

I believe this depiction is based on the story behind it. When I saw this on LA Times website, stating that a white women which was republican put this in their newletter, I was appalled. I believe this was because she put, "this is the only bill he will ever be on," or something to that extent. Regardless of how you write it off, it's not acceptable.

timothy allen brown on :

it's quite bold to say that image is "social commentary" not racial hatred. so, in your expert commentary of society, such ridiculous stereotypes of black people such as loving fried chicken, watermelon, pork and kool-aid is not racist?!?! give me a break. i'm sure you're not a coward who hides behind a sheet or some shaven headed online hate monger with a mural of hitler by your bed, and this was most likely just a "this is funny" kind of thing...but it is NOT social commentary. when you try and call it that, you're sounding like a stupid racist. just bite the bullet and say "i thought it was funny, sorry some nutjobs used it as propaganda and it got out of proportion". goodness. be a man.

junknira on :

Please people..get a grip! i'm a total liberal, but jeez man...we need some levity. you know this crap is out there and tk is just pointing out the obvious. do any of you really pay attention, are you watching grit tv, fstv, link tv...reading alternet, common dreams etc... no, you're watching desperate housewives and the like ...and then calling yourselves 'aware' cause you complain about satire. ugh..get over it

wolkristen on :

Why do you categorize all conservatives as racists?

TypeO on :

Ohhh, I get it.
Because you're a "weepy-eyed liberal" it's OK to use offensive racial stereotypes AND you then get to use your broad brush to paint conservatives as the ones who really act/feel/think that way.
How wildly ironic that another "weepy-eyed liberal" felt moved to pray for your demise - that seems to be the way libs work.
We need look no farther than Wanda Sykes to see a common pattern.
Liberals are certainly tolerant, inclusive and fair-minded - as long as you AGREE with them.
Otherwise, they have repeatedly proven to be narrow-minded hate-mongerers who consistently use racist, homophobic and otherwise intolerant speech to communicate their views, and in the same breath proclaim their righteousness based on their support of minorities, the gay agenda and anything else they feel demonstrates their higher path of political correctness.
On a side note, how are y'all liberals feeling with Dick Cheney's foot kicked off in your asses up to his knee cap?

TK (Admin) on :

Thank you for your comment.
I don't make a habit of even responding to comments left on the website and I approve every comment that isn't SPAM, even if I feel the individual writing the comment is drunk, sitting at home twirling a pistol, and masturbating to a picture of Rush Limbaugh.
However; I just wanted to point out that the only person that thought Cheney is being helpful or a productive voice for the Republicans, is Fox News, and the brain washed herd of sheeple that consider Fox News a real news source that is unbiased and fair.
Cheney needs to go bye bye. He had 8 years to completely fuck this country up, and now it's someone else's turn. Check back in another 5 years and then tell me I was wrong.

Goon on :

found your blog making fun of Wild THings... but this is just flat out racist and shameful.

god on :

This is racist!!!!!!!!!!!

KFC on :

Oh for fuck's sake already! It's a PICTURE. It can do you no harm.....

You people need to really lighten up.

Anybody who doesn't understand how all the islama-terrorists get so bent when someone draws a little picture of the "great and powerful mohammad" ... should come read the comments here.

Wow. Amazing. And sad.

ryan on :

It's kind of funny, I admit--not so much for the racial nuances as the relevance to it in regards to Obama's stimulus waste spending/gov't takeover/socialist agenda. But don't blame others for what you did, this is typical of immature Liberal psychopaths! Nobody would have assumed you meant this as an attack on Republicans, this was your own racist views coming through! This is kind of like the bum who breaks into a store intentionally so he'll get arrested and have food and shelter whilst in prison only to get butt fucked by his bunkmate!

Peacenlove on :

Wow. Why is everyone overreacting? I think it's funny. And the real racism comes from those who target the kool-aid and fried chicken as racism against blacks. I'm pretty sure I eat fried chicken and drink kool-aid and I'm white. You pretty much proved his example is a good one by judging his picture that way. DUH. Welcome to America ppl where we are "free" to do such things.

Donna Alexis on :

Trust me, no black person would ever draw this cartoon! Take a look at this link: For years we black Americans have been vilified and victimized buy similar images and comments made in the media.

President Obama has not wasted any more money, or made any more unpopular decisions than any other President. However, it appears that whatever he says or does is magnified 10-fold because he is black! He inherited a country that was left in shambles by the previous administration; I believe he is doing the best that anyone, of any race, could under similar circumstances.

This "cartoon/image" would only be considered funny by idiots and ignorant people... I don't think I need to say more; YOU idiots know who you are!

Enjoy the afternoon smoking your meth and taking your OxyCotin...

Daniel Knight on :


I am so offended you would, I mean that you did show a picture of bbq spare ribs when there are starving blacks in Africa who when they go to your website will see this and will be starving even more for spare ribs. Shame on you. Please think of all the third and fourth world kids, and people starving for bbq and how your website is a mockery of this. Shame on you again sir.

I'm praying, praying that your time is coming. Okay done praying.

I'm so hungry for bbq because of you, but can't afford it! Shame on you three. Maybe tomorrow though when I get somemore Obama bucks.

Warning: If I find out you didn't remove the picture of the spare ribs I'm calling the internet police tomorrow, and you know what they will do to you.

Daniel Knight on :


LynchEmALL!!!! on :

Wow. This is funny and true. Sooo true.
All you who think that they are "oh so racist" maybe you should look at the United States Census and notice how white is the minority now. Maybe that black whore should get an abortion one in a while... Oh wait, then she wouldn't get her food stamps :-(

Belinda Russell on :

Wow! Amazing how stupid people can be..... I love it! I appreciate the stab, the sharpness of the blade, and the destruction that was caused! I was so very proud to see the teacher's sincere apology as well! It is not often that folks these days can admit a mistake. Freddy Kruger could not have instilled in all of those movies what you managed in just one (very eloquent) little picture! Bravo!!

Anonymous on :

All I gotta say... This is fucked up.

SH on :

March 19, 2012

'I’m Here Tryin’ to Get Some Obama Bucks!' Shocking Welfare Video that HBO Tried to Kill

Alexandra Pelosi debuted a video she made for HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher" last night. The video shows multiple welfare recipients in New York City proclaiming they were at the welfare office to get their "Obama bucks" and that they supported Obama because he "gives me stuff." Pelosi reported that people at the HBO headquarters in New York had said to her "you can't show this" even though just last week the ran a controversial video showing Mississippi voters saying inflammatory things against the president.

To her credit, and to Bill Maher's, they showed the video and openly discussed how liberals would hate it. Pelosi said "I didn't have to go far to find 'freeloading welfare queens.'" They were, in fact, right across the street from her New York City home.

Barry S on :

Dear Author,

Liberals is stupid... That's why they fail to see the humor in your satirical illustration.

We Soviet spies refer to them as "useful idiots".

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